James 5:13-18

Small Group/Personal Reflection Questions

Read James 5:13-18 Out loud.

What is the most recent example of you seeing or experiencing prayer being powerful and effective? (v.16)

Based on what this passage is saying, do you think there is a connection between our righteousness and the effectiveness of our prayers? Why/Why Not?

Why would a prayer for healing also be a means of forgiving sin? (v.15)

Does sin cause sickness? If so, since we are all sinners (see Romans 3:23) why are we not sick all of time?

We know that not all prayers for the sick result in miraculous healing. Does that mean the person/persons praying lacked faith? (v.15)

In what specific ways can our church be a stronger community of prayer?

We were given two prayer challenges (2 min @ 2:00, “Can I pray with you?”). Have you put either into practice yet? If so, share your experience.