Jonah 2

Questions for SG or Personal Reflection:

  1. Anyone have any good fish/fishing stories?
  2. Jonah 2 is a desperate prayer from inside a fish. Do you think it is easier or harder to pray in moments of desperation? Why?
  3. Considering this chapter is mostly a Psalm, do you have any favorite Psalms that you remember or reference regularly? What are they?
  4. What may be some “worthless idols” we cling to as humans that cause us to miss God’s steadfast love?
  5. In what circumstances does your faith conflict with the experience of the world? When is it most difficult to live out what you believe in this sin-filled world?
  6. What is Trinity’s Mission Statement? 🙂 What makes that “mission” difficult?

Please pray for one another in our joint efforts towards this God-given Mission