Jonah 3

Small Group/Personal Reflection Questions:

Before considering the questions, read Psalm 139:1-12 either silently, to yourselves or out loud. What word/phrase/section in the Psalm sticks out to you? How do you feel after reading this Psalm?

Why do you think God gave Jonah a second chance and didn’t just choose someone else?

If we believe the Word of God is powerful, authoritative, life giving, and true how should that shape our approach to Scripture? Is it?

Read Jonah 3:4. Do you think Jonah could/should have said more? Why/Why Not?

Why/How did the Ninevites repent so quickly?

What is a recent example you have seen of God using an act of faithfulness?

It was said in the sermon: “Our approach to grace must be modeled after the teaching and example of Christ.” Think for a moment, who do you need to have more Chirstlike grace toward? Spend a moment in silent prayer for that person.